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Using financing to drive sales – 3 "must-dos"

By Foundation Finance | May 30, 2012

“6 months same-as-cash.” “No payments for 90 days.” “Payments as low as $49/month.” Why do you think “Big Box” retailers like Best Buy or Home Depot are always advertising their special financing promotions? Because it works. Actively promoting financing plans helps attract new customers and to get those “on-the-fence” buyers to say yes. The most […]

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Understanding credit – is FICO the whole story?

By Foundation Finance | May 19, 2012

Most people know a little bit about credit scores and understand that having a good credit score is important for a variety of reasons. Without a good credit score, it is difficult to borrow money, get insurance and even find a job. But a person’s credit score is not the only factor lenders consider when […]

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Promotional Programs – Proven Selling Tools

By Foundation Finance | May 6, 2012

You’ve probably seen the offers in furniture stores, “Big Box” retailers and doctor’s offices: “No payments for 90 days” or “12 months same-as-cash.” Dealers and retailers across many different industries have learned that deferred payment or same-as-cash promotions can be a powerful sales tool that not only helps them sell more, but also benefit their […]

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Welcome to FFC

By Foundation Finance | April 10, 2012

Thanks for visiting our website. If you are looking for competitive consumer financing programs for both prime and subprime customers, you have come to the right place. Learn more about our programs by browsing the links at the top of the page or give us a call at 1-855-241-0024 to speak with a representative. About […]

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