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Look at Lumber Alternatives—and Financing!

With the lumber shortage a major issue still causing home improvement project delays and supply price hikes, scrambling to find lumber and building materials is a true struggle. So much so that NASA is even looking at creating its own alternatives to lumber!

If NASA can do it, so can the home improvement contractor. According to Emerging Tech Brew, NASA has a 3D printing system called the Redwire Regolith Print (RRP) that’s turning lunar soil–called regolith–into building material.

The regolith, which is literally layers of loose rock and soil found on the moon and other planets, will be used to print building material for housing, landing pads, and other structures in space. The process will cut down on raw construction materials that future launches take to the Moon and Mars.

If NASA can do it, so can the home improvement contractor!
The lumber shortage has pushed consumers into a new mindset that material choices, other than lumber, are readily available for their projects. Many wood lumber alternatives are weather-resistant, while some are waterproof and even burnproof! Certain alternative materials are environmentally friendly, sustainable and/or feature recycled material which can make the project greener.

Ultimately, lumber alternatives can be a great option—often better than lumber. Here’s a look at ten wood alternatives making their way into home improvement projects:

1. Bamboo: high performance material, sustainable and durable

2. Hemp: sustainable and strengthening composite wood alternative

3. Plastic: durable plastic lumber, most prominent in patio decking

4. Cork: natural benefits and a solid choice for flooring, wall coverings

5. Metal: environmentally friendly alternative for wood frame construction

6. Fiber Cement: very durable composite material, great for siding

7. Concrete: long with concrete block builds, allows design options

8. Foam Board: many benefits and an excellent alternative to plywood

9. Rubber: a green and durable construction material with many uses

10. Wood Composites: Use hemp, bamboo, or plastic creating low maintenance

Financing is really important.

No matter what the wood choice, price will be a big red flag. Contractors can help customers deal with the sting of alternative wood prices by having a financing package partnered with the project quote. If you offer the customer a convenient and affordable way to pay for a faster project completion with a more durable wood alternative….then you’ve got a sale.

Financing has attractive benefits:

  • Low-fee APR, buy-down and same-as-cash promotions
  • Unsecured installment and revolving financing up to $75,000
  • A free or reduced APR promotion for every customer
  • Terms up to 180 months and payment factors as low as 1.25%
  • Credit decisions in minutes with electronic apps and signing
  • First and second looks with FICOs as low as 600 considered

Financing plus wood alternatives is the best answer to your lumber shortage woes. Don’t lose a sale because you can’t get the project done on time or don’t have the resources available, gain a sale because you’ve got solid alternatives!

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