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Matt Fogarty, Owner, Re-Bath Houston

Foundation Finance Company has been a great partner. Their loan options are attractive to our customers and dealer support is even better. They truly offer a hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

Foundation has allowed us to grow our business by securing larger projects. They approve a higher percentage of our applications than any other lender we’ve used.

We recently had a very large project that was not fully approved though one of our lenders. Foundation was able to approve the full project amount in a matter of minutes. We would not have been able to secure this project without Foundation.

My favorite feature is remote signing for loan documents. This allows us to receive an approval, discuss terms with the customer, send and receive signed loan documents in a matter of minutes. This efficient process allows us to secure more business while our sales reps are still in the home.

Foundation’s team is very responsive. They are open late to accommodate the in-home sales industry.

Efficient approval process with attractive loan options.

Matt Fogarty


Re-Bath Houston

P.O. Box 437
Schofield, WI 54476

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