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Second Look Financing

What is “Second Look Financing?"

FFC approves your good credit customers with no dealer fees, but one of the advantages of working with us is that unlike “approve or deny only” lenders, we can also approve customers with weaker credit, allowing you to add more sales overall! Second Look Financing, also known as “Discount” financing, is a way to approve a wider variety of credit, including customers that most “prime lenders” (like banks) would decline, by sharing a portion of the risk with the dealer. Risk discounts are costs to the dealer based on the customer’s credit and application information; the weaker the credit, the higher the fee may be.

How can discount financing add to your bottom line?

Example: $5,000 sale turned down by a “prime only” lender = no money in your pocket.

If FFC is able to approve that loan at a 90% bid (10% risk discount), you will be paid $4,500, turning a loss into incremental revenue you’d otherwise have missed. Note: The actual risk discount will vary based on the customer’s credit and application information.

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Why Accept a Discounted Deal?

  • Close sales that other lenders decline; Some profit is better than no profit.
  • Help cover general, administrative and marketing expenses.
  • Prevent customers from using a competitor who does take discounts.
  • Future sales & service from customers along with referrals.
  • Breaks from suppliers on pricing due to greater volume of sales.

"We signed up with Foundation Finance thinking we could save a million dollars in sales in our first year with them. They approved $3.5MM in deals for us - that worked within our profit margin - in the first 6 months! They are approving 77% of the deals our primary lenders decline. This has hugely boosted our revenues."
-Midwest contractor with 7 locations

Let us show you how you can make second look financing work for you to close more sales and build your bottom line.

Call our Dealer Support team at 1-855-241-0024 x5012 or email us at

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