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Financing Benefits

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Why Offer Financing?

There’s no such thing as a perfect home, but with your help, your customers can have the repairs and renovations they need to create their dream home. However, between labor, materials, and other expenses, home renovation and repair costs add up fast. Rather than putting off necessary or desired work, you can help your customers get their projects started faster with financing.


Close More Sales
Reach a wider range of customers with financing programs for A-D credit.

Reduce Cost-Related Objections
Selling on monthly payments makes it easy for customers to afford the purchase.

Improve Cash Flow
Get paid quickly and use the cash to build your business.

Use Promotions
Same-as-cash, reduced APRs, and half-pay promotions get customers in the door.

Boost Customer Satisfaction
Upgrade your customer’s project for only a few dollars more per month.

Control the Sale
No more waiting for your customers to check their bank or get their tax refund.


Low Monthly Payments
Customers can get what they want today and make low monthly payments over time.

No Prepayment Penalties
There is no penalty for customers who pay their contracts off early.

Fast Application Process
Unlike mortgages or bank loans, customers will know within a few minutes if they are approved.

Special Promotions
Same-as-cash, half-payment, and low APR promotions are available, subject to dealer participation.

Less Hassle
Contract documents are simple and can be completed from more trips to the bank.

Whether you're looking for customer financing to renovate a home or install a new feature, Foundation Finance is here to help.

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