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It’s easy to underestimate how much we rely on our HVAC units until they need to be replaced. Too often, customers don’t even realize their HVAC’s lifespan is coming to an end until it’s too late, leaving them with little time to come up with the money for costly repairs or a new HVAC system. That’s where financing comes in.

Foundation Finance’s HVAC financing makes affording a new heating and cooling system easier so that your customers can be comfortable and you can close more sales. We consider FICOs as low as 600 so customers can take advantage of long-term savings with a more efficient HVAC system and afford additional products and services they may need.

Some of our program benefits include:

  • Low monthly payment plans customers love.
  • Competitive first & second look approvals, with FICOS as low as 600 considered.
  • Easy-to-use dealer portal with Driver’s License scanning, color-coded app tracking, and more.
  • Free reduced APRs.
  • Affordable same-as-cash, Half-Pay, and deferred promotion plans.
  • Convenient credit app link for your website
  • Free training, customized materials, and a very responsive Dealer Support team.

Our goals are the same: grow your business and increase your bottom line. Adding a simple and attractive customer financing option into your sales calls can be the difference between winning the sale…or losing it.

Becoming a dealer is FREE and EASY. We can have you up and running in 24-48 hours!

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