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The Foundation Finance Difference

By Foundation Finance | May 23, 2022
happy home improvement contractor

Foundation Finance provides consumer financing programs designed to serve a wide range of home improvement and renovation projects. Whether your customers are installing a new system to improve their home or renovating an outdated room, our consumer financing program can help you save time, save money, and grow your bottom line. Some of the benefits […]

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Business Basics: Why Every Contractor Needs a CRM

By Foundation Finance | May 16, 2022
home improvement CRM

Every business runs on leads. Leads that can take a long time to turn into customers. Homeowners often experience delays or start researching their potential home improvement projects well before they are ready to close a deal. However, keeping track of these leads and contacts and working with them as they get ready for their […]

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10 Questions Turf Customers Need to Know

By Foundation Finance | May 4, 2022
what turf customers need to know

In the summer months when the water bill skyrockets to keep the lawn green or in the winter when lawns turn dry and brown, many homeowners start thinking about other lawn options. This is the ideal time to connect and begin a conversation about turf. Make sure homeowners in your area know who to turn […]

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How Links Rank or Ruin Your SEO

By Foundation Finance | April 27, 2022
home improvement contactor building SEO

If you want to be ranked among the top search results when someone is searching for a home improvement contractor to complete their project, you must optimize your site for search engines. This process is known as SEO. There are many components of a successful SEO strategy for a home improvement business. One of the […]

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Overcoming Price Objections for HVAC

By Foundation Finance | April 25, 2022
HVAC contractor

Summer is coming, and for many people, that means new HVAC systems. However, many homeowners can’t afford the cost of a new system outright. That’s where you financing partners come in. Learn how to leverage financing’s best rates and promotions to ensure your customer can get the HVAC system they need to keep their families […]

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How to Create a Home Improvement Blog

By Foundation Finance | April 18, 2022
starting a home improvement blog

Creating a strong online presence is an important step to attract new customers to your business. One way to build your presence is to create a consistent source of new, relevant content for your site. In the home improvement and renovation industry, creating a blog is often one of the best ways to create and […]

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Build Your SEO with Local Content

By Foundation Finance | April 11, 2022
couple searching for a contractor

Thanks to search engines like Google, people have more access to information than ever before. Finding a home improvement contractor or learning what types of upgrades are available for a home is as easy as typing a few words into Google. That’s why having a good SEO strategy is so important – to ensure you […]

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A Window Contractor’s Guide to Setting Expectations

By Foundation Finance | April 6, 2022
window installation

Keeping your customers happy starts with setting the right expectations. Before your customer signs their work order, be sure they know what to expect when buying new windows. Here are some topics you should be very clear about, especially in the current market where getting the materials and labor for a window installation project can […]

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SEO Basics for Home Improvement Contractors

By Foundation Finance | April 4, 2022
SEO for Contractors

The first non-paid result of a Google search gets around 28% of all clicks, with the second and third getting around 16% and 11% respectively. However, there are billions of people vying for just 10 spaces on the first page, with the first position on the first page being the ultimate prize. Beyond the first […]

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Close More Siding Sales with Financing

By Foundation Finance | March 30, 2022
Close More Siding Sales with Financing

Spring is well on the way for most parts of the country, which means it’s time for many homeowners to start thinking about replacing and repairing their weather-worn siding. Help potential customers take the leap to a fresh, new exterior with easy, affordable financing. Here are 3 ways to close your next sale with siding […]

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