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Showcase Your Work to Get More Leads!

By Foundation Finance | September 24, 2021

In a home improvement industry packed to the brim with competition, how do you set yourself apart and get noticed by future customers? The answer is simple: showcase your work. Take pictures, share videos, let the wow factor of your talents and expertise raise your business above the competition. Let’s be clear here…we’re talking about […]

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Simple Fall Sales Strategy

By Foundation Finance | September 17, 2021

As summer winds down and the temps begin to cool, home improvements certainly aren’t following suit. In fact, the fall season is crunch time for homeowners trying to sneak in late season projects or looking for a pro to complete a yet-unfinished DIY project. This is the perfect time to build your sales pipeline and […]

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Second Look Financing Captures More Sales

By Foundation Finance | September 10, 2021

Home improvement activity is still on the rise right along with building material prices. Rather than taking a cut in profit, home improvement contractors are forced to increase their project quotes, daunting some homeowners’ dreams. Know what else is on the rise? Financing! Financing is playing a stronger part in getting homeowners what they want…but […]

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Look at Lumber Alternatives—and Financing!

By Foundation Finance | August 30, 2021
Two construction workers and a building frame can be seen in the background. Horizontal shot.

With the lumber shortage a major issue still causing home improvement project delays and supply price hikes, scrambling to find lumber and building materials is a true struggle. So much so that NASA is even looking at creating its own alternatives to lumber! If NASA can do it, so can the home improvement contractor. According […]

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Need Leads? Here’s How to Get Them!

By Foundation Finance | August 20, 2021

A sales pipeline filled with leads is an invaluable element to keeping you in business. Word on the home improvement contractor street, however, is telling us that lead building has taken a nose dive. Just because sales are trending up right now doesn’t mean you should stop collecting and contacting referrals and leads. Your bottom […]

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Sales Are Up…But You Still Need Financing.

By Foundation Finance | August 13, 2021
Consulting auditors auditing financial report on computer screen, business charts

The pandemic created an unexpected rise in home improvement sales that surpassed expectation. A byproduct of this rise in demand was a shortage of supplies. That supply shortage increased costs, pricing and wait time for consumers. What’s next? Are you ready for the next industry shift?! According to the August 2021 Economic & Industry Update […]

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Competitive Rates Make You More Competitive!

By Foundation Finance | August 9, 2021
Young handsome architect man wearing helmet holding dollars

Sounds rudimentary, doesn’t it? Competitive rates are…competitive. Right. But only if you’re actually offering them to customers! Having competitive rates in hand isn’t quite the same strategy as creating competitive pricing for your products and services and promoting it alongside your competition. What if those prices are still a bit unachievable for potential customers? You […]

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Will We See You at the Next Trade Show?

By Foundation Finance | August 2, 2021
Exibition Hall holding business trade show or commercial activity concept

It’s been well over a year of cancelled, postponed or virtual-only shows. Are you as thrilled as we are that live industry events are back in full swing? Roofing contractors, water quality dealers, HVAC installers, small and large business owners and many more professionals in the home improvement industry are once again attending trade shows […]

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Financing to the Rescue!

By Foundation Finance | July 23, 2021
Man with construction hat sitting at desk

Even though home improvement sales are up and expected to stay up, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for home improvement businesses. Labor shortages, material price increases and supply delays are creating continued pressures affecting profit margins and customer pricing. According to a June 2021 report from Associated Builders and Contractors, a “shortage of skilled workers […]

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Got a Financing Partner? Collaborate With Them!

By Foundation Finance | July 19, 2021
Business man and engineer sitting at table discussing paperwork

If you want to make more sales for your home improvement business, an inhouse financing program is a valuable asset. But even more valuable is continued interaction with your financing partner. Technically it’s called “collaboration”.  Both you and your financing partner are working toward the same goal: more sales. Approach the partnership as if you’re […]

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