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Credit Approval Tiers

Perfect Credit Not Required!

Make Foundation Finance your go-to source for consumer home improvement and renovation financing. Whether your customers are looking to finance their new roof or remodel their basement, we can help. We work with customers with superprime, prime, near prime, and subprime credit to meet all your financing needs! Learn more about the markets we serve here or discover the benefits of our credit approval tiers below.

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Tier 1: SuperPrime

It takes years of hard work and impeccable payment history to earn a super prime credit status and with that effort comes reward. Your super prime credit customers may qualify for instant approvals and receive the best annual percentage rates and promotions.

  • 100% payouts for your most well-qualified buyers.
  • No risk discounts charged.
  • Special reduced interest rate plans.

Tier 2: Prime

Perfect credit isn’t built in a day, but Prime Plus customers are well on their way. These customers’ strong payment history, credit mix, and FICO scores grant them access to great financing benefits.

  • 100% payouts for near-prime buyers.
  • No risk discounts charged.
  • Competitive interest rate plans.
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Tier 3: Near Prime

There’s more to a person than their credit score. Our financing decisions consider the details to discover how blemishes on a credit report or a limited credit history impact an applicant’s ability to qualify for financing. We consider customers with FICOs as low as 600 for financing.

  • Competitive discounted bids for B, C, and D credit.
  • Risk discounts vary based on credit and application.

Tier 4: SubPrime

A person’s credit score doesn’t always offer the full picture. We offer second look financing for customers with FICOs as low as 600 to meet the needs of those with challenging credit history.

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Get more of your customers approved for financing with Foundation Finance.

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