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Credit Approval Tiers

Unlike banks or traditional “approve or deny” lenders, Foundation Finance can approve prime, near prime and subprime customers with just one call! The great thing about working with FFC is that your customer doesn't have to have perfect credit. Learn more about the power of Second Look financing.

Foundation Finance Credit Approval Tiers

SuperPrime (Tier 1)

  • 100% payouts for your most well-qualified buyers (in other words no “risk discounts” charged).
  • Access to competitively-priced special reduced interest rate plans in order to satisfy your customers' needs.

PrimePlus (Tier 2)

  • 100% payouts for your near-prime buyers (no “risk discounts” charged) who don’t qualify for the best pricing but who are still creditworthy.

Standard (Tier 3)

  • Competitively-priced discounted bids for B, C and D credit.
  • Risk discounts will vary based on the customer’s credit and application.
  • For Standard loans, the total dealer fee is the risk discount plus the promotional program discount, if any.

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