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Since 2012, Foundation Finance has been strengthening bottom lines with in-house financing solutions that close more sales. Our nationwide dealer network includes more than 10,500 dealers that have financed more than 300,000 customers. With a solid reputation of responsive dealer support plus competitive financing programs, our dealer network is rapidly expanding.

Take advantage of competitive interest rates, special promos, and approvals for customers with FICOs as low as 550 to attract more customers seeking a wide variety of home improvement projects and industries. Enrollment in our dealer network is free.

Almost no one plans for an HVAC problem and homeowners are typically not prepared for the emergency expense. Whether it’s heating or air conditioning, Foundation Finance helps you be the hero by providing quick, flexible financing plans that soothe customers straight into the sale.

Room by room or full interior remodel, thanks to HGTV the latest trends and upgrades will always be on the minds of homeowners. The size of the project is limitless by dream…limited by affordability. Hundreds of home improvement dealers already rely on Foundation Finance to help them close sales with flexible financing that makes that limitless dream an affordable reality.

Repairing or replacing a new roof can represent a major home investment that could be planned, or unplanned. Whether age, mother nature or energy efficiency trends are inspiring a homeowner’s quote request, Foundation Finance can help you be prepared for any reason and any household budget.

Siding is generally a planned improvement but has so many point-of-sale variables the project can quickly deplete a customer’s purchasing confidence. Color, energy efficiency, material, texture, shape, installment…all influence price and affordability. Foundation Finance offers the stability of attractive financing that brings the confidence right back into the sale.

Whether a customer is investing in solar energy to offset long-term electrical costs or to reduce their home’s environmental impact, financing can help them achieve their dream faster. Offer customers an easy-to-afford option with our low monthly payments.

Making the decision to change natural grass into a synthetic lawn is not only an emotional challenge for homeowners, it’s a financial shock when they see the upfront cost. Rolling out an affordable financing plan as part of your turf deal helps your customers see the long term cost and labor savings.

Water quality. It’s an invisible issue and a top concern of any homeowner. Whether drinking it, cooking with it or giving it to their pets, not having clean water isn’t an option. So don’t let the cost of your filtration system stand between you and your customer’s deepest concern.

Homeowners have a lot of different reasons to replace their windows: age, style, quality, energy efficiency. And there are a lot of different factors that affect a window’s price: size, glass type, grid pattern, material type. Offering the right financing can take the shade off the sale!

Got a home improvement project, renovation, or upgrade that’s not specifically listed above? No problem! We offer financing for a wide range of home improvement projects. Talk to our dealer support team at 855-241-0024 ext. 5012 to see if we can finance your customer’s dream project.

Together we can grow your business and increase your bottom line by helping families afford the projects that turn their house into a home. Adding a simple and attractive customer financing option into your sales calls makes big purchases less daunting and can be the difference between winning the sale…or losing it.

Becoming a dealer is FREE and EASY.

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