Michael Gaeta, Marketing Director - Foundation Finance Company

Michael Gaeta, Marketing Director

I have been doing this for 30 years and it is always hard to find a good finance company – one that is willing to talk to you and look at your customer as a person, not just a score. Our customers are happy with FFC’s terms and to date I have not had any of my customers complain about how FFC has treated them, which is truly a testimony!

FFC makes it easy to call in an application right from the salesperson’s car. I can pick up the phone any time and speak to upper management without being screened out. The company’s ownership group has put together a tremendous amount of industry talent. They know how our businesses operate and are always willing to go the extra mile to make a deal. They truly understand the water business and they know there are other finance options for dealers, but they want to earn the business. They have put together very creative terms … and the deals that are discounted (not funded at 100%) are truly deals we were not getting funded at all, or we were being “nickeled and dimed” by our other lenders.

We were struggling to get deals approved in the 600-660 credit score range. Our other lender decided not to even look at scores under 700 so we knew we needed to find a better source. We sell using a savings model by making the monthly payment equivalent to the family’s waste monthly and FFC’s 2% payment fits beautifully into our game plan. … I feel like we are in control of our own destiny again!

Michael Gaeta
Marketing Director
Mast Family Culligan
Plant City, FL

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