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New Techniques to Close the Deal

There are typically a lot of emotions for homeowners during a remodeling project – fear, commitment, excitement, disappointment…just to name a few. According to Remodeling magazine, “Americans are less trusting than they were decades ago, more likely to be skeptical at first, and more able and likely to broadcast their opinion.”

Here are some great new techniques to close the deal:

  1. Keep it personal
  2. Homeowners want a personal (human) connection with the remodeling company they hire. They want to feel they can trust the person who is coming into their home.

  3. Play jazz
  4. . Ten years ago, sales staff at companies were trained on the process and then told to go out and execute it the exact same way they were taught  Now, sales teams are taught the parameters (pricing, timing, etc.) and then to treat each client differently based on their wants, needs, and responses.

  5. Consistently varied
  6. Going off the last technique, it’s important that the sales reps use varying strategies but consistently bring the prospect back to the objective – signing the contract at the price you set. The trick here is getting into your customer’s head…the emotional part. Speak and present to their emotions and then price becomes less scary.  Consider showing a short video during your presentation that will help stir up those emotions.

  7. Tools to get to yes
  8. Give your customers a short list of former customers who will give a great testimonial or endorsement for your company. At the bottom of the list, include a few general questions for the prospect to ask the reference. Give them the motivation to call each – take $50 or $100 off the job.

  9. Put cost value to use
  10. Before pulling out the contract with the price, show your customers the 2017 Cost vs. Value report and help them put into perspective the typical costs for their remodeling project and what they can expect as a return on their investment.

  11. Financial alternative
  12. Offering financing can be critical to closing the deal. The key here is to offer it to all customers and talk about it early on in the process. The other important piece here is making sure all sales reps are trained on presenting financing so it’s not complicated.  If you’ve already got an emotional connection with the customer, financing helps the customer realize they can accomplish their remodeling project.

The biggest thing to remember here is to really focus on your prospective clients’ emotions.  We are all humans.  Foundation Finance can help you offer financing to all of your clients.  Call us at 855.241.0024 ext. 5012 or email [email protected] for program details.

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