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Priority Home Improvement Projects for Your Clients

Better Homes and Gardens national survey asked two groups of homeowners what they wanted to improve in their homes in 2018.

“Regardless of their income, homeowners care about creating an inviting home that has useful, upgraded spaces for family and friends to enjoy,” the se

Here are some of the priority upgrades you can suggest to your clients to help them create the home of their dreams.


One of the least expensive ways to makeover a room is to paint. Encourage your clients to take a bigger risk with color this year.

    Replacing flooring

Upgrading to hardwood flooring can increase the home sales price and give it an entirely different look and feel.

    Bathroom remodel

Bathrooms are one of the most influential items during a home sale. Try creating a spa-like environment for your clients to enjoy and to wow their guests.

    Kitchen remodel

A minor kitchen remodel goes a long way. Modern styles and functionality are big selling points for clients and potential buyers.

    Add a laundry room

Creating a designated space for laundry makes a drastic difference in the home. Whether it is converting a closet or building an addition, getting the washer a dryer out of the basement will make life much easier for the homeowner.

No matter the project, don’t judge a client by their income – the survey showed that homeowners making $125k or less were willing to pay to hire contractors to do more renovations than those who make more than $125k. Offer your clients financing so they can take on the higher budget projects like kitchen and bathroom renovations with just one low monthly payment.

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