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Speed to Lead Series: Part 1 – What is “Speed to Lead?”

As a business owner, you invest thousands of dollars to generate leads, optimize your website, show up in Google searches and build a lead management strategy. The problem, whether you realize it or not, is that your team is not getting back to leads in a timely matter and it’s costing you business.

Do you know how quickly your team is responding to inquiries online, messages to your Facebook page or chats on your website?  The world of lead management in this industry is rapidly changing.

Contact Lead As Quickly As Possible

So, what is speed to lead?  “Speed to lead is the ability to successfully get in contact with the person requesting information on your products or services in as short amount of time as possible.”  This is the most critical piece to converting online leads. According to the study, on average about 20% of a company’s leads are coming from online. These leads recognized your brand, did their research, read online reviews, came to your website and requested more information from you to service their home. Why are we falling short with these leads? No excuses, there’s lots of money on the table here.

Our blog next week will cover the actual study that was done and the results of the response time from home services company.  You won’t want to miss this.

Speed to Lead Series: Part 2 – The Results
Speed to Lead Series: Part 3 – How to Shorten the Lead Response Gap

Via 2018 Valve+Meter Performance Marketing Study

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