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7 Common Sense Tips for Closing More Sales

When new leads come into your company, it is important to treat each one with “big fish” potential. Making a good first impression is vital to setting yourself apart from the competition and being in a position to close the sale.

Below are seven tips you can use to close more deals by offering impeccable customer service.

  1. Make contact as soon as possible

    . It has been found that those who attempted to reach out to new leads within an hour were almost seven times more likely to have a valuable conversation with a lead than those who waited longer to make contact.

  2. Mind your phone manners

    . Be professional and courteous when answering the phone and listen more than you speak.

  3. Address any objections before they are brought up

    . Addressing things like cost, timeline, and level of service before the prospect has the chance to bring it up will help them feel comfortable and know that you have their best interest in mind.

  4. Meet in person ASAP

    . Unexpected bills, other home improvement companies, and distractions are all vying for your customer’s attention and money. Scheduling a time to meet to offer your services as soon as possible shortens the sales cycle and gives you a higher chance to close the sale.

  5. Offer pricing options

    . Offering customers different levels of the same project allows them to choose between you and you and not you and another contractor. On top of that, offering financing makes it an easy decision as the customer can select a low monthly payment instead of a full project payment.

  6. Be memorable

    . Make sure your quote or estimate document stands out among others who may have pitched their services. Including things like your colored logo, slogan, contact information, and website address will give the customer everything they need to reach out to you. Leaving something behind like sample project images or process documentation will also help you stand out.

  7. Follow up

    . 80% of sales are made only after 5 touchpoints from the initial conversation. Don’t give up if your first call doesn’t result in a sale. Continue to make contact in a variety of formats to stay top of mind when the customer is ready to buy.

Many of these tips may seem like common sense but take a look at your sales process and determine whether or not you are really doing them to the best of your ability. Improving even the slightest bit will make a difference in turning a slow month into a steady one.

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Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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