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Be Socially Visible

How do you connect with customers and prospects in a world where the new norm is social distancing? Handshakes are gone, in-person meetings are nonexistent, and facial expressions are covered with masks. Now more than ever businesses need to connect with their customers, but connection points have drastically transitioned to digital and it looks like they’re going to stay there.

The fastest, easiest, cheapest and safest way to stay in front of your target consumer: social media. Get out there and cultivate your social presence—your business’ visibility depends on it.


Many have turned to Facebook to communicate with their socially distanced family and friends, which means your customers are more than likely using this channel. Out of all the social channels, this one is probably the most universal when it comes to the home improvement demographic. Invite your customers to like/follow your page and start telling your business story so you’re front and center in their feeds.


You’re a business, you should have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the #1 social channel for everything business related. That includes customers reviewing your business credibility. Here’s where you can build your business brand, tell success stories, ask for referrals and recommendations, and connect with peers and prospects.


This channel is rapidly becoming the go-to for consumers AND businesses. Take a look at all the construction and remodeler profiles already there. Consumers love to see a business’ fun side and may even choose you simply because you’re bold enough to post a video. Build a following by focusing on your home improvement niche and have fun with it!


Pictures tell a thousand words and Instagram is the place to show off your best projects, highlight happy customers, share builder tips and more. By sharing your story through photos and hashtags, you’re positively connecting with your audience. Watch your followers grow with every pictorial post.


It’s the President’s channel of choice, and more consumers have tuned in than ever before. That means your consumer target group can more than likely be reached by a tweet or two. Tell your story, use your hashtags, find and connect with your customers. One tip: avoid politics in your posts.


This is the channel to post live video stories of work in progress, completed work, a tour of a dream project, a project reveal video…all customer favorites! The opportunity to share your story never ends, especially with the Snapchat app on your mobile device.


Opposite of Snapchat, YouTube features your planned and professionally presented videos on topics that relate to your business and are helpful for customers and prospects. A staple resource.

There’s never been a more opportune time than now to embrace social media. When you’re out there, make sure to connect with Foundation Finance’s social channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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