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Get Funded Faster

“When will I get funded” is a question that contractors are most concerned about getting answered when working with a finance company to offer their customers financing. At Foundation Finance our goal is make sure you are funded as quickly as possible. Below are some tips to make sure you don’t have any hiccups in the funding process:

Best Practices and Tips for Documents

  1. Altered dates are not allowed on paperwork – even if initialed by the customer. New paperwork with correct dates would be required.
  2. White-out is not permitted on any legal document and thus cannot be used on a customer’s paperwork.
  3. A full description of goods is required to accept documents as complete.
  4. If electronic signing is not used, customers must have a physical copy of their signed documents.
  5. Faxing or emailing copies of loan documents to FFC prior to mailing the originals allows us to review and advise you if there are any issues to be corrected.
  6. Stipulations on the approval must be cleared before the loan will fund. Notifications of cleared stipulations will be sent via email and viewable in your dealer portal.
  7. The Notice of Cancellation must be expired in order for a loan to fund. Even if all other funding requirements are met.

For more funding tips, download this tip sheet to make sure you’re meeting all the funding requirements and getting funded quickly.

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