Nicole Baker, Owner - Foundation Finance Company

Nicole Baker, Owner

Nicole Baker
Florida Water Authority

I can’t say enough good things about Foundation Finance Company. FFC has taken my business from nothing to something. Having a ­ finance company behind my company has allowed us to provide services to twice as many customers as we would have without them. When we explain Foundation Finance to our customers we can honestly say they are the BEST ­finance company in the industry and it is 100% the truth. Our customers are more than pleased with the service FFC provides them and we are able to get more referrals because of it.

We went into business to help families get the quality of water they deserve and to help our community. FFC makes our mission possible because they allow families who can’t afford to pay in one lump sum to still be able to get the benefits of clean water with a low monthly payment. We thank God for FFC every day because without them we wouldn’t be as successful as we are.

… Foundation Finance has a stellar reputation in the industry. Not only that, they are a full service lending company for home improvement. That’s a huge deal for our clients as the majority of them are new homeowners. We constantly recommend FFC to every small business owner we know that offers home improvement services.

P.O. Box 437
Schofield, WI 54476

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