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Bryan Stanley, K-Designers

FFC’s program has had a compounding effect on our ability to close sales. Their vast menu of financing options has allowed us to tailor a program to meet the customers’ needs while also giving us the opportunity to provide financing to those customers who previously did not qualify. We are losing far fewer sales by being able to provide the rate and payment terms desired and we are walking away from fewer customers due to credit denial. Using FFC is going to allow you to capture customers you wouldn’t normally close as well provide financing options other companies do not have.

Foundation Finance Company has one of the best financing programs available in the industry. Their program allows for our salespeople to custom tailor a package to meet each customer’s needs whether it be low payment, low APR, deferred payments or a combination of these elements! We have had to walk away from far less business due to credit declines since partnering with FFC; they even offer these lower credit tier customers great options they would normally never expect. FFC’s program has had a positively compounding effect on our ability to close sales. FFC’s online portal offers everything the dealer needs in one convenient location. The application process is simple, status updates are easy to find, and the ability to generate documents is quick (you can even send them electronically to the customer)! Our experience with FFC post-sale has been amazing. Communication with our rep, their funding department and credit department has always been reliable and responsive. Their team truly works hard for the dealer they represent. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ease and reliability of their funding process, which is always key to our cash flow planning!

Bryan Stanley
Operations Manager
Gold River, CA

P.O. Box 437
Schofield, WI 54476

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