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Set Your Sales Team Up For Success

Your sales team is the cornerstone of your business. Without new customers and jobs, your business and income will slow. Setting them up for success by ensuring they know the ins and outs of your business and finance programs will ensure your company is consistently converting homeowners to clients. Below are a number of things your sales people should know before meeting with a new client.

  • Your Timeline.

    When a sales person walks into a prospective customer’s home, they should know how long it will take to complete the project requested and approximately how soon your company can begin the work.

  • Financing Specials.

    Offering a homeowner a financing special can often help close the deal. Your sales team should know what specials you are currently offering to your customers and the terms that apply to those specials.

  • How to Up-sell.

    Offering the customer the next step in the project builds your bottom line and allows the customer to think bigger than their original project request. If the customer needs a new roof, be prepared to quote them for new gutters as well.

  • How to Calculate Payments.

    One of the most important things to the customer is what the cost of the project will be. When offering your customer a low monthly payment through financing, your sales people need to be able to quote approximate payments so the customer can determine what is and isn’t in their budget. Misquoting payments can cause problems later on.

These core skills will give your sales team the tools to continuously close sales and successfully build your business.

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