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Use Objections to Learn, Improve, and Close More Sales

When selling your services, you are bound to come upon objections. As disappointing as they can be at the time, they are tools you can use to improve and grow your business. Construction Programs & Results Inc. suggests keeping an objections book to log these experiences. Here are some tips to help you turn a past objection into a future sale.

  • Keep a log.

    Use a notebook or three-ring binder to take notes on each sales call. Be descriptive so that you can review the notes later and accurately recall the conversation.

  • Give a commitment, get a commitment.

    Give a date when you’ll have the quote completed and ask for a date that they could make a decision by.

  • What was the tone of your conversation?

    Were you polite and up-beat? Keep the call about the sale and be sure you have all parties’ attention. Don’t turn it into a social call.

  • Be honest about your performance during each call’s notes.

    Sugar coating things for yourself will not allow you to improve in the future.

  • Ask someone you trust to be honest to review your log.

    They may be able to spot trends that you overlook.

Tracking this information takes discipline but comes with so many rewards. The improvements you can make as a sales person simply by consistently reviewing your performance will far outweigh the hassle of recording them.

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