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Winter-Friendly Exterior Projects to Stay Busy in the Off Season

The winter months may not seem like the ideal season for taking on outdoor projects. offers these benefits from the client’s point of view for renovating during the winter months:

  • Contractors have more availability during the winter and have flexibility in their schedules.
  • Prices for contractors tend to hit an all time high in the summer months due to demand.
  • With the slow in applications, government agencies can approve permits faster in the winter.
  • Clients spend more time at home during the winter and can be available to oversee projects.
  • Clients may have projects they want to complete to have their home in order for guests during the holidays.

Options for winter projects can include the following:

  • Complete small projects your customers have been putting off, such as improving an outdoor living space.
  • Repair cracked walkways, secure loose paving stones or lay down a fresh coat of cement or asphalt. Depending on weather, these projects may not be possible, however if you’re in a warmer climate, the winter may be a more pleasant time for projects that would leave you in direct sunlight during the summer months.
  • Perk up the siding with a cleaning and fresh coat of paint.
  • Insulate exterior doors to keep heat loss to a minimum. Winterizing windows and general home insulation is another project that pairs well to keep your clients energy bills down when it gets cold.
  • Renovation or creating a mud room can help your clients corral the mess of wet jackets and snowy boots. This is a great option for cold climates where exterior projects are not feasible.

Winter projects can allow you to stay busy during the winter months and create a relationship with your client for projects in the future.

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