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Provide a Great Customer Experience – “When you start well, you end well.”

“What remodelers do is amazing. It is messy, it is imperfect and it is inconvenient in many ways.” Often times for the homeowner, living through a remodeling project can be very stressful.  Customer expectations are evolving and remodelers have to keep this top of mind.  Provide a great customer experience by following “the Four C’s”:

1). Cleanliness

Cleanliness on a job site is a daily commitment and is also no longer a bonus, it’s expected by customers. So, invest in tools and equipment that help keep the area as clean and dust-free as possible.  Make sure all workers are on board and understand the importance of this.

2). Communication

Communication, as it pertains to the project, is easy.  Make sure you ask the homeowners about ease and convenience during the project.  For example, give your customers a clean space to put dishes or pots and pans while you’re putting new cabinets in.  

3). Customer Respect

It is critical to communicate and reinforce your company’s policy on foul language with your staff and any subcontractors that will be in the customer’s house. Even if the homeowner is not home, bad language is not appropriate.

4). Critique

Try to have a daily conversation (in person, by phone or in email) with your customers to get their feedback and for them to let you know how they’re feeling about everything.  You need to be aware of any issues so you can contain them while they’re small.

“When you start well, you end well.”  Let this simple statement be a guideline to provide a great customer experience from the beginning of the project to the end of the project.  Providing a great customer experience is what defines a great remodeling company versus an average one. 

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