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10 Tips to Get More from Your Busy Season

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The busy spring and summer seasons bring in essential revenue and opportunities for business growth. However, managing customers, ordering supplies and keeping multiple jobs running on track can be tough if you go in without a plan. Keep your business running smoothly this summer with these tips.

1. Make a To-Do List.

It’s easy to lose track of what you need to do when you’re busy. Keep a list, either written down, on your phone or in a task-management system so nothing important falls through the cracks.

2. Plan Ahead.

What do you have to accomplish today? What can wait until tomorrow or next week? Figure out what needs to get done and add it to your calendar to make sure essential tasks are getting completed on time.

3. Work Around the Weather.

Keep an eye on upcoming weather events and come up with a list of office tasks you want to complete when bad weather strikes and stalls your projects.

4. Bring in New Customers.

Don’t just move from one job to the next. Create a lead generation plan to keep bringing in new business to stretch the busy season as long as possible.

5. Follow Up with Past Customers.

Create a plan for staying in touch with past customers – they are an essential source of referrals and play a strong part in building your reputation online and in the community.

6. Get Help.

Find the right balance between profit and growth to determine if you need to hire extra help this summer. Adding some seasonal help or a permanent assistant can help if you find yourself spread a bit too thin.

7. Don’t Burn Out.

Staying busy is great, but finding time to relax and recover from a busy week is important if you want to give every project your best.

8. Automate What You Can.

Take some time to explore your email provider’s automated options and choose a social media scheduler that allows you to load all of your content for the week or month ahead of time.

9. Minimize Distractions.

Create a designated time for phone calls, emails, social media and non-urgent tasks so that these things don’t become a distraction while you have something you really want to focus on.

10. Increase Your Close Rate.

Many customers push back projects because of affordability concerns. Overcome the price objection by offering financing. Become a Foundation Finance dealer to offer your customers low monthly payments.

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