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3 Ways to Keep Your Leads Warm Over the Holidays

Do you have leads who drop off the map during the holiday season? While some people want to get on your calendar as soon as possible, many push the large items on their to-do list into the new year. However, that doesn’t mean you should sit idly by and hope they remember to give you a call when the last of the eggnog has been drunk and the new year’s confetti swept away. Keep in touch throughout the holidays and be top of mind when they’re ready to move forward!

  1. Holiday Cards

    Everyone likes holiday cards. Design your own or pick up some pre-made cards at the store to put a holiday message in! If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider a Thanksgiving or New Year card. Just remember, holiday cards aren’t the right place to ask for business, just for sharing some good tidings.

  2. Charity

    It’s the season of giving, so look for ways to give back to your community. Organize a coat drive, volunteer at the local food bank, or sponsor a family’s holiday meal. Encourage your leads and contacts to join in.

  3. Social Media

    Encourage your leads and customers to add you and follow your business page on social media. That way, during the holidays you can reach out to your contacts directly. Like one or two of your lead’s posts and share your holiday traditions, recipes, or other fun content on your page.

While some of your leads won’t be ready to transact until the new year, there are still plenty who want to get their home in top shape before the holidays roll around. Let us help! Our financing options make it easy to get the work they want done without sacrificing their holiday wish list.

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