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Don’t Let Material Delays Ruin Your Project

Keeping homeowners engaged while waiting on essential supplies isn’t always easy. Make sure you’re setting your projects up for success by taking these steps to ensure a positive experience for your customers.

  1. Set Clear Expectations

    Many builders and contractors are experiencing material shortages that delay their projects and push back completion dates. Make sure you’re setting realistic expectations for your customers from the get-go, so they aren’t surprised when it takes time to receive the materials you need to complete their project.

  1. Be Proactive with Updates

    Unfortunately, delays can arise even on top of anticipated wait times. When this happens, reach out to your customer to explain the situation and any steps you have taken or will take on their behalf.

  1. Consider a Variety of Suppliers

    Working with the same suppliers year after year gives you the opportunity to build a great working relationship, but you may benefit from casting a wider net. Supplement your current supplier list with companies that may be able to get you the materials you need a bit faster.

  1. Consider Alternative Materials

    Is there another way to complete your customer’s project? Now may be the right time to start using a new brand or material that can do the job just as well. Check out these lumber alternatives for some inspiration!

  1. Stick with Financing Options with Longer Approvals

    If material delays drag out too long, your customers could lose their financing approval. Avoid that risk by working with a financing company with a long approval period, like Foundation Finance. Our approvals are valid for 180 days, giving you the time you need to gather supplies and get the job done!

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