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Close more sales with customer financing.

Financing isn’t limited to cars and big box stores. Learn how to leverage home improvement financing to close more sales and increase your average sales price. Whether you work in roofing, siding, HVAC, water treatment systems, or another home improvement field, we have the information you need to understand how to get the most from home improvement and renovation financing here. Explore all our blogs below or search one of these popular topics:

Customer Management

Learn how to nurture and support home improvement leads and customers once they enter your sales funnel.

sales questions

Questions to Ask During a Sale

When a homeowner reaches out to a contractor, they may not have a clear idea of what…

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Are You Prepared for These Customer FAQs?

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Spooky Ways to Sabotage Your Sale

Summer is the busy season for a lot of home improvement contactors, meaning during the fall, winter…

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Business Growth

Find key business tips and techniques to help grow and develop effective business practices.

sales questions

Questions to Ask During a Sale

When a homeowner reaches out to a contractor, they may not have a clear idea of what…

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What Are Your 2024 Goals?

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Finding Customers

Explore new lead generation techniques and sources to create more customers for your home improvement business.

winter home improvement sales

Closing Sales During the Holidays

Shopping, wrapping, parties, dinners, family, friends, and more keep homeowners busy this time of year. However, with…

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home improvement website

Do You Have a Website?

Every modern business needs an online presence to attract and nurture new customers and having a website…

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Create More Sales with these Simple Tips

It won’t be long until summer starts to wind down and the demand for home improvement projects…

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How Home Improvement Financing Works

During the sale process you go over the value, timeline, and estimated price of the work your customer wants done on their home. Depending on the scale of the project, some of your customers end up stuck waiting for their application for a home equity loan or a mortgage refinance to go through. However, you can save time, close sales faster, and help your customers by offering a simple, flexible home improvement financing option.


Foundation Finance’s home improvement and renovation financing process is simple. You or your customer completes a short credit application online. We offer approvals for customers with FICOs as low as 600 so you can get your customers approved faster. We’ll typically let you know if your customer is approved in just a few minutes.


Once you have an approval, you can complete the home improvement financing documents online to print out or send them for electronic signing. After that, it’s just a matter of completing your project and submitting a completion form for funding. We will make a quick verification call to your customer and fund you by ACH. At that point, we handle all the billing and collection activities.


We also offer our home improvement contractors a variety of reduced APRs, half-pay, same-as-cash, and deferred payment programs to help close sales.

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