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Business Strategy & Perseverance Amidst COVID-19

When the entire world has been turned on its heels from a global pandemic, the common denominator is a disruption in everyone’s normal. For businesses in the home improvement industry, this disruption can seem detrimental. Whether or not your business has been designated essential, your modus operandi has more than likely taken a hit.

With that, strategy and attitude must come to the forefront. Redefining your business strategy to adapt to the new and changing economic environment is necessary. And firming up your perseverance could help get you through to the other side of this challenging time.

Advice from your peers

Hear from leaders within the home improvement industry who have successfully redefined their strategies, and their outlook, on business survival through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re in an unprecedented economic environment. Lean on your local chambers of commerce, trade leaders and industry resources for support and direction and, as Tim Sullivan, senior managing principal at Meyers Research advises, “keep moving forward.” Above all, stay safe and healthy.

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