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Top 10 List: Positive Customer Connections

An economic crisis puts a screeching halt to sales in progress and a dim light on upcoming sales. It’s especially hard-hitting for the home improvement industry whose customers are sheltering in place and social distancing. Business owners are seeing their customer base struggle and their colleagues and staff get laid off or put on furlough. It’s hard to know how to move forward.

Now is a good time to connect with your existing customers—they’re home and, with the economic slowdown, you probably have some extra time. Aside from letting them know you’re still doing business, there are a few more ways you can make an impactful connection.

Top 10 list: making positive customer connections during a pandemic.

#10. Remember your happy customers? Ask them for referrals.
#9. Follow up on past projects. Request customer testimonials.
#8. Tell your story to the customer, in a weekly blog.
#7. Feature customer stories on your website.
#6. Got extra PPE supplies? Make a donation within your community.
#5. Use a video option for appointments and discussions.
#4. Apologize when things go wrong. Provide solutions that meet changing priorities.
#3. Let customers know the safety precautions you’re taking at every step.
#2. Connect & listen: “I’m thinking about you right now. How is everything going?”
#1. Be extremely understanding. Lead all communication with empathy.

Creating positive customer experiences plays a key role in business success and offers a responsive competitive advantage. Where sales and profits were very recently the main goal, striving to sustain business has become the new priority. Your customer base is now a golden resource that is available at your fingertips. You may be pleasantly surprised what happens once you begin reconnecting with past customers!

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