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Capitalize on Local SEO to Generate More Leads

It is more important than ever to take advantage of every marketing resource available to generate more leads. Straight North, a Chicago based SEO company, recommends utilizing Local SEO to reach those potential customers in a company鈥檚 local markets. See below for the top reasons why you should be using local SEO to generate more leads.

  • Local intent is a common in search.

    When homeowners start looking for a home improvement company, the journey likely starts by searching on Google. People typically favor a local remodeler, so companies that appear in the top of the local results in Google have a better chance of acquiring the lead.

  • Google is giving priority to local results.

    Google has always made adjustments to give its searchers what they are looking for. That鈥檚 why Google has given local results more visibility in their results pages over time. With mobile usage increasing, it is likely that local companies will become even more prominent in local SEO searches.

  • It鈥檚 an inexpensive marketing resource.

    Every company can at some level put in place an effective local SEO strategy. By making adjustments to your website and gaining customer reviews, you can improve your position in local SEO.

  • Local SEO is good for capturing leads and branding.

    Reviews can create trust, establish industry authority, and help generate referrals for companies. This type of information can be very beneficial to users. That鈥檚 why Google places such an importance on positive customer reviews.

  • It鈥檚 an opportunity that鈥檚 measurable.

    Once a marketing campaign is in place, the most important challenge is measuring its level of success. With Local SEO, you can track the success of a campaign by tracking the changes in activity on your site and changes in organic traffic to your website.

With the increasing trend of people searching for companies near them, Local SEO is a perfect opportunity to gain visibility and secure more leads. By obtaining positive customer reviews, making adjustments to your website, and investing some time into your local SEO strategy, you can increase organic traffic to your site and generate more inquiries.

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