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Don’t be afraid of change …

Many dealers are hesitant to make changes in their financing programs – even when those programs are no longer working or are costing them money they shouldn’t need to spend. In any other aspect of their business, a dealer would likely make a change to save money or to get better features, so why is financing different?

The most common reason we hear is that people don’t want to make changes that would confuse their salespeople. That’s understandable. The direct sales business is a tough one, particularly for water treatment dealers, home improvement dealers and vacuum dealers. So once a salesperson has mastered the art of the close (including financing), it can be hard to make a change. But really, this comes down to training. As a business owner, you’ve likely hired smart people that you can trust, and you expect them to learn your products, services, features and benefits. So it is likely that they can do the same with financing.

Choosing The Right Financing Partner

A good financing partner should be able to help you make a smooth transition if you make a switch, providing training and support along the way. Sure, there may be a few bumps in the road, but if the new financing programs offer you more flexibility, better approvals, better or cheaper promotions, reduced fees and better service, it will be worth it in the long run.

If fear of change is all that’s holding you back from re-evaluating your financing options, the new year is a great time to switch things up. So over the next few weeks, take some time to compare programs – not just fees, but also the “full package.” If you’re not getting the service, support and programs that work best for you, then CHANGE will be GOOD.

If you have any questions on the water treatment financing, home improvement financing, vacuum financing or retail financing programs offered by Foundation Finance Company, just give us a call at 1-855-240-0024. Our dealers agree that our consumer financing programs are a great tool in their sales arsenal. Don’t just take it from us — check our some of our dealer testimonials HERE.

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