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Get Set Up For Success With Dealer Training

Spending a little time learning your finance company’s policies, process and programs up-front can save you tons of time later by avoiding costly mistakes and paperwork re-dos.

Of course, you are busy. That’s a good thing. At Foundation Finance Company, we try to offer a variety of ways to assist dealers with paperwork and program questions.

  • “Welcome” calls:

    When you are first set up, one of our Dealer Support specialists will call you to go over our program basics and we’ll also email you our “welcome” email which includes links to many helpful resources. At that time, we’ll offer to set up training for you and your staff. We can do a conference call or webinar to walk you through any questions you or your staff may have.

  • Welcome Package:

    Keep your eyes on your mailbox – we’ll be sending a package to get you started right!

  • Webinars:

    We usually have a standing calendar of webinars posted on our website. You can register for free here.

  • Training Docs:

    Our Dealer Portal website has an area called Training Docs where we post helpful hints, manuals, FAQs, etc.

  • Video Content:

    Our YouTube library contains a variety of training resources and tutorials. Start watching here.

  • Dealer Portal:

    Our website makes it easy to print completed loan documents or to send them for electronic signing. This makes the process virtually error-free.

Foundation Finance Company offers a lot of options: installment loans, revolving credit, same-as-cash plans, deferred payment plans, prime, near-prime and subprime approvals … while this means one-call can give you options for almost every customer, we realize it can be a little overwhelming for new dealers. But we’re here to help! By taking a little time to walk through the options with us up-front, you can craft a program that helps you reach your ultimate goal: MORE CLOSED SALES.

Our Dealer Support team is always availble to get you started on the right foot. Already started? No worries – we can provide you with a refresher training for new staff or simply to get you up to speed on all things Foundation Finance.

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