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How to Prequalify Your Customers for Financing

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It takes years of hard work to build a strong credit score and unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to knock the score down. Having multiple hard inquiries on your credit history can, in some cases, have a negative impact on a person’s score. That’s why offering to prequalify customers with a soft credit pull is a great benefit for people searching for home improvement financing.

Foundation Finance allows you to prequalify your customers with no negative impact on their credit scores.1 If you aren’t already a member of our dealer network, see what we have to offer here or apply to become a dealer today!

If you are already partnered with us, prequalifying your customers is easy. Just choose an option below to get started.

Option 1: Send your customer an application.

Your customer can fill out a simple, secure application to prequalify for financing with your custom app link. This link is unique to your business, so any apps your customers submit will appear in your LaunchPAD dealer portal. Text or email the link to individual customers or share it on your website for easy access.

Option 2: Log in to prequalify.

Make the financing application a collaborative experience by taking your customer through the prequalification application step by step in LaunchPAD. Just choose the “Prequalification” option to use the soft inquiry process.

Once you or your customer submits the app, we’ll review the details and email you your customer’s results. We have financing options for customers with a wide range of credit histories and FICOs as low as 550.

Interested in other ways Foundation Finance can help you close your next sale? Contact us for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

You can build on us. Enroll in the Foundation Finance dealer network today.

  1. *Upon our receipt of the customer’s completed credit application and signed financing documents a hard inquiry on the customer’s credit (that may affect the customer’s credit score) will occur. ↩︎

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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