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How to Sell High Value Projects

Selling high value remodeling projects is a skill that all business owners or sales teams should have. It is especially valuable if you are planning to grow your business. There are several strategies you can apply to ensure higher rates of success.

  • Your success depends on sales.

    If you’re asking questions like, “How can I get more leads?” or “How can I expand my clientele to focus on larger projects?” The answer is using strategic, data-driven sales and marketing strategies and by understanding who your clients are and why they need your products and services. Use the information to create a unique message to gain the interest of prospective clients.

  • Diagnose the problem before recommending a solution.

    Once you are able to approach clients with high value projects, how are you closing the deal? Don’t make recommendations before you understand what the client’s core problems are and how you can efficiently solve them. Gather as much information as you can before even meeting with the prospect so you can dig deeper and get to the heart of the problems.

  • Dig deeper to land more profitable projects.

    Actively engage your prospective client as you paint the picture of who you are as a company and how you are going to solve their problem. Go over and above by providing them with existing and proposed floor plans, offer to bring in experts to identify high-risk variables, and be ready with the next step in the process so they are not unsure of what to do next.

Always think about the desired outcome even if your client is unsure of what it is yet. Making suggestions and recommendations with the information from your client will allow you to build likeability and trust. Understanding the pain points and digging deeper with your clients will allow you to produce higher value sales and grow your business.

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