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Interior Projects for the Colder Months

Winter may make for a slow time in your business but there are plenty of options for your clients’ interior home improvements to keep a steady income flow.

Reach out to past clients and offer a low monthly payment financing special on these projects and fill your calendar.

  • Carpets and flooring.

    Replacing carpet is something most homeowners put off until it is past due. Wall-to-wall carpet helps keep heat in during the winter and minimizes energy loss. Flooring such as hardwood, vinyl or stone may be a better option in some rooms than carpet.

  • Upgrade the walls.

    While painting is the obvious and easy choice for upgrading your walls, accent walls with other materials such as stone, wood, and brick are on trend and make an aesthetic statement in any home.

  • Trim and moldings.

    Crown molding can turn any room from boring to elegant. Pairing it with wider baseboards or a stylish wainscoting will transform the entire home’s ambiance.

  • Lighting.

    Replacing lighting with LED-style lights helps your customer cut energy costs monthly. Installing new pendant lighting or adding a dimmer in the main rooms adds a romantic element.

  • Doors.

    Most homeowners forget to maintain these elements so it is likely your clients need improvements in these areas. A fresh coat of paint, new hardware or wood polish can make a large difference in the curb appeal of your clients’ home.

These projects may seem minor but combining them for an interior overhaul gives you an opportunity to offer your clients the home they want.

Financing can make this dream a reality for qualified clients. Foundation Finance offers many programs to meet all of your customer’s needs.

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