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Help your Employees Cope with the Stress of the Holidays

The holidays produce higher levels of stress for many people.  Often times this can affect your employees’ performance. There are several things leaders can do support anxious and stressed employees during the holiday season:

How To Deal With Stress

  • Acknowledge that you realize the holiday season can be stressful.
  • Give employees the opportunity to take time off to serve others and volunteer. Studies show that this can decrease stress and increase feelings of gratitude.
  • Don’t press your staff about their holiday plans unless they freely share.
  • Offer an extra mental health day.
  • Show your appreciation for your team in way that doesn’t require much of them – in-office meal or gift card.

Great leaders honor the fact that work is just one aspect of an employee’s life.  This is extra critical during the holiday season when stress levels are elevated. Helping your employees cope will make them more productive at work.

Happy holidays!

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