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Managing Your Business and Family When School is Out for Summer

Having children at home for the summer can affect your business’s productivity when you’re trying to juggle work and family schedules.

These strategies can help you succeed not only as a business owner but as a parent over the summer break.

  • Devise a Plan

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. Make time to plan ahead for the coming week. Review the agenda for your kids and your work activities. Involve the whole family so everyone knows the plan.

  • Adjust Your Work Schedule

    Use your flexibility as a business owner to your advantage. Experiment with different working hours than the normal 8-5. Consider starting your day earlier and complete some work in the evenings so you have time to spend with your kids during the day.

  • Set Priorities

    Consider putting projects that aren’t revenue-producing on hold for the summer months.

  • Get Help at Home

    Ask your spouse or partner to take on some additional home responsibilities during the summer months. Look into day camps that your children might enjoy to give you uninterrupted work hours. If it is more practical, hire a babysitter or kid-swap with a neighbor a few days each week.

  • Get Help at Work

    Delegate tasks to your staff in the office. This can serve as a personal development opportunity for your team and eliminate work from your plate.

  • Set Boundaries

    Set clear rules with your kids on when they can and can’t interrupt you during work hours.

  • Don’t Forget to Make Time for Yourself

    Take time to for some self-care activities during this busy season. Without some relaxation time, you’re more susceptible to burn out.

Don’t let this summer beat you by not having a game plan for yourself, your kids and your business.

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