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Missing the Sale Doesn’t Mean Losing the Sale

Not every sale will go your way and good sales people understand this. Sales is a game of numbers and the best thing you can do is work towards lowering your sales to leads ratio. Missed sales aren’t always lost causes, though. There are a few things you can do to follow up on the opportunity.

  • Follow Up Call

    If you feel like the sales call went well minus the closing of the sale, you can give a follow up call in a week or two simply to check in. Let the prospect lead the call and let them know you are there to help if they need anything.

  • Thank You Cards

    These are an easy no-brainer. You should send a thank you card to everyone you visit – regardless of the outcome. A hard copy, mailed thank you card shows you care and is a rarity in today’s digital age.

  • Home Visit

    If you’re in the neighborhood on another sales call, stop by a previous prospect and check in with them. Ask if they’ve completed their project and how it went. Show them you were thinking about them and leave a good impression for the future.

  • Offer Financing

    Was the project out of their budget or they didn’t want to put it on a credit card? Offer the potential client monthly payments with financing to distribute the cost over time instead of a bulk payment up front.

  • Know When It Is Over

    You won’t hit it off with every prospect. If the visit gets uncomfortable or out of hand in any way, you’ll know those aren’t people you want to do business with and won’t need to follow up with in the future.

Not getting a ‘yes’ in the first meeting doesn’t mean you’ll never get one. Following up with prospects ensures that you aren’t leaving anything on the table and you give the homeowner multiple opportunities to move forward with their project.

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