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Partner with Foundation Finance for Business Growth

As the market grows and the economy changes, your home remodeling business will depend on servicing your clients to the full extent to maintain a high level of business. You might think that you’re already doing that but if you aren’t offering in-house financing, you are missing a large spectrum of potential buyers. Partnering with Foundation Finance gives you a competitive edge that other remodelers don’t have. Here are three reasons you should offer financing with FFC.

  1. FFC’s financing options help you close sales with prospects who wouldn’t be able to buy otherwise.
  2. Even if your client has less than stellar credit, there may be a program to fit their needs. Home owners with limited budgets can finance their projects with low monthly payments instead of paying for the project cost upfront in full.

  3. Setting up a financing program with FFC is both easy and free.
  4. By completing an application and being approved into our program, you’re forming a partnership with us. We support you with training, marketing materials, access to technology and quick loan decisioning – all you have to do is submit credit applications!

  5. There are no risks to you.
  6. Say goodbye to chasing down customers for payments. Once you’ve completed the job and are funded by FFC, your part of the process is done. We handle the payments and customer service moving forward.

All that said, the most important reason you should offer financing with Foundation Finance is to have someone in your corner who is invested in helping you grow your business.

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