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Post-Holiday Remodels

The holidays are a great time for your customers to assess the interior space of their homes. As they host gatherings for their family and friends, they become more aware of “issues” – small, nonfunctional kitchens, shortage of guest space, outdated bathrooms, lack of storage, etc. Here are a few great things to remind your customers to think about this holiday season:

Holiday Renovations

  • Can people move freely? Opening tight hallways and creating more common gather space make for great remodeling projects.
  • Homeowners should take note of the amount of storage space they have AND if it’s convenient. Basements are a great place for storage but if they’re entertaining guests, do they want to be constantly running back and forth?
  • When your customer is working in the kitchen, are things efficiently spaced? When they open the dishwasher, can they still open a nearby cabinet?  For many people, functional kitchens for entertaining are critical during the holiday season.

AFTER the holidays, discuss these projects with your clients. Improving living and entertaining spaces can be a lot less stress, especially during the holidays!

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