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Reach New Customers with These “DIY” Digital Marketing Tips

With nearly half of small business owners doing “DIY Marketing”, a non-complicated marketing strategy is key to success. Fortunately, successful digital marketing isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

Busy consumers are turning to convenient “Hey Alexa”, “Hey Google,” or “Hey Siri” methods to shop for just about anything, including home improvement services. If your business doesn’t have an active online presence, it’ll be invisible. You’ll need a digital strategy that gets you in front of these voice command and mobile shopping search tactics.

Don’t panic! A digital strategy isn’t complicated. Follow these three tips to start ranking your business at the top of on-demand search results.

You Need A Website

Already have a website? If you created it and forgot about it, it’s not really working for you. You need a website that features current content and more than a basic list of services. An active website can keep your business at the top of consumer search results and convert visitors into customers 24/7.

Feature project photos and customer testimonials. Include home improvement tips and trends such as: what’s the best U factor for replacement windows, top energy-efficient siding materials, or popular flooring choices. Add a news page featuring local media coverage of events you’ve sponsored or participated in. And, most importantly, include options that prompt the consumer to click such as a Request A Quote form, a Contact Me form or an Email Subscription button.

You Need A Social Presence

Facebook seems the most obvious, with several billion active users and user-friendly tools, but don’t shy away from Instagram or Pinterest, which both ideally highlight oodles of project photos that not only amp up your boast factor but also your search rankings. You can literally post photos on the fly via your mobile device from your project site and keep your content fresh and new. Homeowners will enjoy the eye candy as well as interaction with your business.

Whether you stick to one social channel or more, make it a practice to check it once per day and post at least twice per week. You could try a free management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer which allows you to post on several channels at once and schedule your posts for certain days/times.

You Should Be Blogging

A blog is your springboard to search engine results. Plus, as a home improvement contractor, you’ve got a lot of valuable advice and tips to share. So, share away! Use your knowledge to educate your customers and leads, create credibility for your business, and promote your success stories. Remember, with more blog content comes higher search rankings.

Do this test: Ask Alexa, Google or Siri to find a home improvement dealer in your area. Is your business mentioned or listing shown in the search results? Ask a few different questions to see where you rank or if you rank at all. Your own results will be a good guide to developing the best digital presence for your business.

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