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Your Real Competition Isn’t Other Remodelers…

Your real competitor is the homeowner.

Technical and management skills are essential to selling your remodeling business/service to customers but skills like effective communication are equally important.  If you help the homeowner understand remodeling, you’ll likely end up with a higher percentage of closed deals from those prospects.  “People buy emotionally and rationalize their decision logically” is a saying that is more relevant today than ever.  That first meeting you have with the homeowners, they’re excited about making the changes to their home or to complete a project. When you leave, that emotion turns to anxiety and fear over the investment of the project.  To the homeowner, this is overwhelming which makes them decide to then put the project off. To counter this, you need to plant seeds of logic throughout that initial meeting.  Asking (and answering) the following three questions will help the prospective buyer maintain emotional involvement:

  • Why do this project?Prepare a list of fact-based answers in advance and work them in the conversation. For example, “Renovating the kitchen will make the house more marketable if you ever want to move or sell.”

  • Why do this project now?

    Be honest. Remodeling costs increase annually and the homeowner will be missing the benefits of the project – more energy efficient windows, cleaner water, more accessible bathtub, etc.

  • Why do this project with you?

    This is often forgot about. You need to articulate why your company is the best fit for your homeowner’s needs.  For example, “We complete 25 or more projects just like this every year.”

Not every answer you come up with will resonate with ever prospect but you need to help the prospect think through the reasons to move forward with the project and keeping communication open helps them justify their emotional investment.

You can also help prospective buyers with sticker shock by closing the sale using a low monthly payment.  Offering financing is FREE and EASY.  Get signed up with Foundation Finance today.  Call us at 1-855-241-0024 ext. 5012 or visit our website at

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