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Financing Drives Incremental Sales

A recent survey shows the importance of offering financing options and how it can affect your sales.

Don’t Lose Out On Sales

  • If you’re not offering financing to your customers, you could be losing up to 45% of sales. That’s a lot of money on the table! The survey shows that 45% of customers said if financing was not available, they would not have gone through with the project or would have gone to another company to work with.
  • Do you clearly advertise that you offer financing as a payment option? According to the survey, only 36% of people were aware that financing was even an option for their recent purchase or project.  If your customer doesn’t know that you offer financing but needs it to pay for the project, you could lose the sale.

So don’t lose any more potential sales – sign up to become a Foundation Finance dealer today, it’s FREE and EASY!  Also – we offer free point of sale advertising materials, like window clings, posters and brochures, to help drive awareness that you offer financing.  Call us today at 855-241-0024 ext. 5012 or visit our website

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