Foundation Finance: Selling Updated Bathrooms to Baby Boomers

Selling Updated Bathrooms to Baby Boomers

There is a large portion of the population in need of accessible bathrooms but are hesitant to convert their existing homes to make bathing safer, easier, and more comfortable. Baby boomers are hesitant to accept an accessible bathroom design but also desire to age in place in their homes. Use these tips to help them understand the benefit of an update.

  • Describe an accessible bathroom as spa-like.

    Don’t lead with the approach that the homeowner is getting older and needs the update to stay safe. Begin your sales discussion with the spa-like features such as comfortable seating and hydrotherapy jets.

  • Show, don’t tell.

    Being able to visually demonstrate how modern or chic an ADA compliant bathroom can look will be your biggest sales asset. Photos and videos showing your work will go a long way to satisfying the client’s concerns.

  • Offer testimonials.

    Ask your past clients to provide you with testimonials of your work. Ask how they are enjoying the design and updates and if you can use their testimonial on your website and marketing materials. Third party validation is a very powerful sales tool.

  • See the future.

    If the prospective client isn’t ready to commit to an accessible bathroom now, highlight how it could be beneficial down the road. Point out safety hazards in their current design and describe how you would change them so the homeowner could continue to be independent in their own home.

While some of these projects can be covered by Medicare or Medicaid, not all will be approved for ADA compliance updates. With the estimated redesign cost of around $18,000, don’t let a client who isn’t approved slip through the cracks. Offer them the option to finance the project and make a low monthly payment instead of forgoing the project entirely.

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