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Smart Homes – What Your Customers Need to Know

Smart technology has become extremely popular in several industries but has slowed to take off in the home remodeling industry due to customers’ lack of knowledge.

Below are some talking points you can use to discuss the benefits of a smart home with your customers.

  • Energy Savings:

    Smart thermostats aren’t new to most homeowners. However, they may not be aware that technology exists to turn lights off, manage appliances and windows with smart insulation and controls.

  • Better Building Materials:

    Existing products like foam insulation continues to improve in keeping homes as energy efficient as possible. New products like cool roofs are coated with a pigment to reflect light and keep heat off the home.

  • Peace of Mind:

    Homeowners who are constantly worried about their homes will be put at ease by what smart technology can provide. A simple app can help them remember if they closed the garage door and even close it if they forgot.

  • Lifestyle Convenience:

    Smart technology can provide convenience to the homeowner who doesn’t have time to come home mid-day to let a repair person in. Simply send them a one-time use code via cell phone to enter your home and complete their project.

Integrating all of the smart home technology mentioned above may not be realistic. Instead, find your client’s pain point and solve it with smart technology that makes their day to day lives simpler and safer.

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