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Success Starts with the Welcome Package

When you decide to become part of a dealer financing network, make sure you’re entering into a partnership with a strong support philosophy. Communication, guidance, training and continued interaction is a must for anyone learning a new process, especially one that directly impacts your bottom line.

From the moment your enrollment application is approved you’re set on a path to success at Foundation Finance. Home improvement contractors appreciate the multistep welcome into our financing program. We don’t just hand you the keys to the car, we teach you how to drive it and give you tips for keeping it running smoothly!

Here’s what you can expect as a new dealer with Foundation Finance:

  • Welcome Communication

    Dealers receive several welcome communications that include an introductory phone call, info-packed emails, postcards and a resourceful welcome package. Take this opportunity to ask questions, explore the resources provided and build the partnership that will help you grow your bottom line.

  • Dealer Portal Training

    This secure online environment is where dealers do most of their financing activity. Live webinars with our dealer experts will take you through all facets of the portal, from login to uploading customer documents. Coming soon: a new Dealer Portal featuring Driver’s License scanning and color-coded app tracking!

  • Live Training Webinars

    Each week dealers can participate in several live webinars that cover everything from program basics to using the DecisionLender portal. Your entire staff can take advantage of this interactive training. Register for a 30-minute webinar here or set up a customized training through our dealer support team.

  • Training Documents

    When it comes to processes, training manuals are extremely handy references. Foundation Finance created a full library of “Training Docs” featuring helpful hints, manuals, FAQs and a Financing Guide providing important details on program- and state-specific reminders. Available on demand, whenever you need a quick assist!

  • Video Tutorials

    YouTube tutorials have become the go-to learning tool. We’ve got you covered with helpful how-to and training videos featuring document download and upload processes, generating E-sign emails and more. Explore FFC’s YouTube library here.

  • Free Customizable Marketing Materials

    Foundation Finance provides customizable rate sheets and customer brochures, plus window clings, posters, email templates and social posts to make it easy to promote your financing program. With quick order access through our website, you can keep your business locations stocked!

  • Dealer Support

    Rated highly for its experienced support team, Foundation Finance is with you at every step as an extension of your own sales team. Questions arise, a process challenges you, a new employee needs training, a customer has a credit question…your finance partner is just a phone call, email or chat away.

When your finance company cares about your business’ success, from the moment your enrollment application is approved, your success factor starts strong. The key is taking the time to acclimate you and your staff with the resources and benefits provided. A little work upfront leads to a bounty of sales going forward!

You can build on us. Enroll today in the Foundation Finance dealer network. Contact us for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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