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Successfully Close an In-Home Sales Call

From the moment the sales representative steps foot in the customer’s door, it’s so important to have a structured sales process to follow to increase the chances of a successful sale.  The sales process starts much in advance of the in-home sales call though.

Advance Prep

  • Research the client (and their home) ahead of time in order to better understand their needs.
  • Call the prospective client and introduce yourself, set the first appointment and let them know what to expect from you in the first meeting.

Day-of Details

  • Build credibility by arriving on time (or a few minutes early).
  • Review your prep notes and be sure to stick to the agenda discussed on the phone with the client.
  • Listen to the client and also ask follow up questions and give ideas.


  • Give the client the estimate while reiterating their needs and the value you can provide.
  • If you’re worried about sticker shock, selling the job with a price tag of a low monthly payment is a great option.

Having all sales reps in your company follow the same sales process is critical to increasing close rates which will in turn increase your profits.  Often times the large priced projects can scare customers so offering financing as an alternative form of payment is a way to overcome the price objection.

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