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Technology Innovations Driving Advancement in HVAC

The new generation of home buyers is requiring healthier, more sustainable homes.聽 HVAC technology is advancing very quickly and focuses on convenience as well as user experience and quality.聽 More users want to be able to connect to their homes remotely as well as have their systems be smart enough to learn their living habits and sync with local weather data.

Three areas of interest driving advancements in technology:

  1. Smart thermostats and technology.

    Over the last 20 years, there has been new technology developed (Apple HomeKit and Google Home to name a few) to allow consumers to check and adjust their thermostat from the convenience of their phone or tablet. The key to moving forward is transforming current technologies in order to take the user experience to the next level.

  2. Demand for integrated systems.

    Consumers want all their products in one spot, not several different applications or gadgets. Some companies, like Panasonic, are developing products that help people control HVAC, lighting, security, power and electrical all from one spot!

  3. Air purifying technology.

    Not only are consumers looking for convenience they are looking for quality. Quality and safety are a top priority when it comes to air purification.

The trends in the HVAC industry will continue to be driven by technology to meet the demands of consumers.聽 Integrating convenience and quality of life is a game changer in the HVAC industry.

The key for contractors in the HVAC industry is to keep these technologies and trends top of mind.聽 So consumers are going to be expecting different experiences and products.

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