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Keep Your Crew Busy and the Phones Ringing in January and February

Don’t let the winter months slow down your business. Particularly, attic insulation projects are a big win for you and your customers. These two facts together can help keep your crew busy and the phones ringing in the next few months:

  • About 90% of U.S. homes are under-insulated.
  • The return on investment for the homeowner is 117% within the first year.

This means that nearly every home in your market is a candidate for this type of project! Arianna Jackson, a building materials merchant at The Home Depot, has a few quick tips and pieces of information for remodelers:

  • Attic insulation lowers household energy costs in the cold and hot weather, so it’s a win in any market.
  • Blown-in insulation has the advantage of speed (project time is about one hour).
  • You can never have too much insulation. In fact, if insulation is already in place you can just overlay it with blown-in or roll-in material.

You can earn even more on insulation projects with these add-on projects:

  • Air sealing.

    “The average home has a half-mile of open-air gaps and cracks begging to be sealed.” After insulating, sealing the cracks and gaps can add additional return on investment for the homeowner and a few extra bucks in your pocket.

  • Stone wool.

    Upsell the materials used for the insulation project. Stone wool for example offers lots of great additional benefits to the homeowner while adding minimal cost to the project.

So if you’re thinking about the upcoming slow-down in your remodeling business and need a little boost for your crew, start selling insulation projects!  It’s a win-win for the homeowners and your team. You can also use the insulation project as an add-on to any other project you may be doing for the homeowner.

Foundation Finance can help you offer flexible, affordable financing to your customers for their home improvement projects.  Sometimes after the holidays homeowners are hesitant to start new projects because of the cost; nonetheless, close the sale with low monthly payments or a promotion of deferred payments!  Please call 800.241.0024 ext. 5012 or email [email protected] for more information on how our programs can help you close more sales in 2017.

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