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The Benefits of Financing: A Survey of Remodelers

At this year’s Extreme Sales Summit, a survey of remodelers showed that offering financing led to increased revenue, more leads, bigger projects and happier customers. Spending on home improvement is expected to widely increase over the next two years making offering financing a must.

Financing Benefits For Remodelers

More than half of those surveyed (including some of the industry’s largest and most renowned companies) stated that the number 1 benefit of providing financing was increased revenue. Some stated their revenue increased as much as 60%.

Increased revenue isn’t the only important benefit. Nine out of ten respondents reported up to a 20% increase in both monthly leads and close rates. Project size was also a benefit with 78% of respondents claiming that financing helped boost their average project size to as much as 20%.
Offering financing doesn’t have to be difficult.

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