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Wow Your Clients in 2018 with These Upgrades

If you are looking to send your remodels over the top in the new year, consider offering these job upgrades to not only increase the job value but the wow factor as well.

  • Colored Grout

    Choosing a dark gray grout color gives you a bold result that contrasts with the color of the tile. Your clients will appreciate how much easier dark grout is to keep clean.

  • Charging Solutions

    New technology screams “updated.” Upgrading old outlets with a combo USB port that allow for easy connectivity of a multitude of devises. Go the extra mile with in-wall wireless charging docs.

  • Pendant Lighting

    Not only are pendant lights trendy, but they offer an opportunity for creativity in many areas of the home. Make sure the lighting is clean and bright and provides high visibility in targeted areas.

  • Floating Shelves

    Storage has transitioned from closed door to a more open display. Floating shelves give your clients an opportunity to display glasses and other cookware; adding color and personality to the space.

  • Updated Appliances

    Experts are saying stainless is out and has been replaced by black stainless steel. This smudge and fingerprint proof surface is warmer and less industrial looking than silver stainless. Matching your outlet and switch faceplates in the same or contrasting finishes as your appliances gives the room a designer touch.

Homeowners are looking for updates that set them apart from a builder basic home and take their space from boring to beautiful. If cost is a concern, offer the upgrades with a low monthly payment to encourage them to take the next step with their remodel.

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